New Sprint Started

A few days ago my App was finally approved for the AppStore. It's been a great journey - learning new things and playing with tech that I haven't used before.

One of the things thats that happen with software development is that there is always room for improvement. The list of things to add becomes never ending - the trick is to chose to process your thoughts sequentially and prioritize tasks before starting them.

Some things that I completed since going live with version 1.0 are the following.

1) Added Coins to be collected when monsters are killed
2) Added Level Selector - that can handle an infinite amount of levels (e.g. paging).
3) Monsters can Shoot Back

I have started to look at what GameCenter is and what is provides.  I believe that it would be good to be able to add a scoreboard to my app that allows people to compete. I'll ponder on this for the next few days, and probably create a new git branch to test the functionality. 

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