App Submitted

It's been a few weeks since I've updated the blog. Yesterday i submitted my app to iTunesConnect for their perusal. It was relatively painless, apart from having to create the screenshots for all devices. It's an exciting time, because i have never actually got to the point where i have created a mobile app that i would like to publish on the

Source Control
I merged my release branch into default, so that I can carry on adding more functionality. I've made a small list of things that I would like to add for the next release. I'm intending to do 6 week sprints - giving myself enough time to add new interesting things.

  • Fix Level Selector to allow paging
  • Pickup Coins for getting extra batteries
  • Coins fly from player position to corner
  • Show Score On Levels Screen
  • Pick up battery sound
  • Fire Sound
  • Settings Button
  • Switch Sounds Off
  • Switch Adds Off
  • weighted distribution (Monsters)
  • Add Batteries
  • After 10, can pickup head
  • Monsters Fire
  • Tick Next To Level
  • Lock Next to Level (if all levels before haven’t been completed)
  • Unlock Level With Coins
  • Using Game center for Leadboards?


  • Left Arrow Button (Level Selector)
  • Right Arrow Button (Level Selector)
  • Create Ramp
  • Create New Jaws Like Monster
  • Settings ButtonTick On Level when Level is completed
  • Lock on Level when Level is not Completed


Code Tidy Up

Reflection for Levels ->

I've found that one of the main things that stops me from being productive, is when I do not set a clear plan for an evening / week. I open up XCode or Photoshop - or even youtube and it seems as though I blink and the whole evening has gone. I try to create a list of things up front so that I can prioritise what i would like to work on. While such a simple task of prioritising things - I'm almost certain a lot of other people struggle with complex problems because they do not break them tasks down into small manageable tasks.


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