Todays Work

I started today off with a pretty shitty morning, I ended up having to call a recovery firm to come and pick me and my car up to drop me to work because my car conked out on the way to work. This evening I am going to pick up a car rental.

Later on this evening I am planning on working on the following.

Pause Button Positioning 
Fire Button
Resume Button Sprite


  1. Resume Game When close
  2. Number Of plays
  3. Max Score

The statistics are something that will not be visible per se, but I would like to store the statistics of playing the game because I think I could use this at some point in the future.

While I would like to say that I am not taking this too seriously, I'm making a concerted effort to create something reasonably playable & enjoyable.  I'm not a professional game developer, just a casual developer trying to learn new things while working away from home. I am putting quite a lot of effort into creating something thats specific to what I would play & ultimately able to put on the App Store. :)

 I will ponder a little more of the requirements to put this on the App Store when it's complete.


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