Post Weekend Update

With the weekend finally over and me working back down south. I've finally got a small chance to update the blog on what's changed. I can happily say that the kids enjoyed playing on the game, they found if a little difficult at first but happy that it worked...I mean it wasn't Minecraft, but was a game that can be played rapidly to pass boredom. 

Last week, I wrote that I wasn't using applyimpulse - even though i was expecting the physics to 'just work'. After a little tinkering the sprites now move with a movement force applied to them. The tricky part is getting the physics to be realistic, so when applying a force to Dappa; he manages to move - but not quite how i wanted him to move. It appears that I wanted all the benefits of what a physics world brought me, but not have the problem of sprites rotating when a force is being applied to their physics body. Dappa has a bit of a complex shape, which when force is applied to him - rotates in ways you sometimes don't want.

Rather than trying to get down to the physics, I have made slight changes whereby Dappa will move at a constant speed according to his Mass, and i've change the accelerometer to be used to balance him when rotating while jumping. I've did a few checks to determine if Dappa's angular velocity is above or below an arbitrary value so the player can apply an AngularImpulse to balance him.

Things that I have done over the past few days
Allowed Dappa to Shoot Something, allowing the monsters to not kill him instantly (this does need more work).

Today has been a little slow, and haven't really done much. I was mainly figuring out how to do trivial things in Adobe illustrator. I ended up re-creating Dappa. The main thing that was done was making the wheels transparent.


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