Looks like i have a fair bit to learn about physics and movement. This evening i was working on 

  • Making Dappa's Wheel Chair Run out of Juice.
  • Randomly Adding Battery packs to Charge Dappa's Wheel Chair
  • Killing Dappa should his Wheel Chair battery life = 0
  • Bouncing Dappa on the floor.

And noticed that how i was currently moving Dappa was incorrect, I wasn't applying any force vectors, just moving the sprite on an axis. This worked well for trivial things, however in a physics world...meh not so well. By using the ApplyImpulse i was able to affect dappa's velocity however bouncing on the floor appears to change the angle of the sprite causing Dappa to spin.  I am not saying this is completely incorrect; however being able to control this would be useful.

I've updated the resources. 

Sadly, I will resume more work next week now and eagerly await some feedback from the kids.


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