Never Ending Game

Today I worked on making the game never ending, essentially making the game loop create new platforms. It was pretty rudimental, whereby I kept the x position of the last platform that was created and compared the value to where the camera position is

func  createNewPlateforms()
    camera position.x > last platform position.x - seporator value.)
      create new platform and add to scene.

In the update func I call a function to create platforms based on some criteria of where the camera position is.

func Update()

This causes the game to loop until you the player dies. 

I have added the following things to the game so far:

Player is Killed by collision of Monsters
Game Score is shown when the player dies on game over score
Removing nodes from scene that are no longer in view
Randomly add monsters to platforms

All in all, the game is coming on and starting to feel like a real game now. I have experimented with SKActions on my sprites but will be adding some animations. Since this is only a test game, I am not trying to make the graphics absolutely crisp, however making them tidy is a must. I'll be show casing the changes in the game to my children over the weekend for their feedback. 

Things to work on
Running out of battery
Collecting battery power
Factory pattern to determine what actions to add to objects/monsters/platforms
e.g. Spinning Platform, monster types

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