Game Animation

It's been a little while since doing any work on my game, since personal time is very limited as of late. I've been meaning to try and add some animations lately, or at least figure out how to do simple sprite animations. Today I started with creating a simple character using adobe illustrator. Since i'm doing everything pretty much off the cuff; i'll probably just leave this character in the game but may just tidy it up a little and maybe add a few more frames.



So far I've had a little play with putting the character in the game, however it doesn't do too much at the just winks. I think i'll be adding one of these monsters to each platform randomly and getting it to move backwards and forwards at different speeds to try and get the monster to make the game a little harder. With that said, there is still alot to tidy up as the orientation of the ViewControllers does not seem to work as i intend them to. Each time a player dies, i try to reload the viewcontroller but it appears that causes the orientation to flip from landscape to portrait. I think i may be doing something incorrectly. I'll work on this a little later as i'm going to concentrate on adding the monster to the game tonight.

I plan to have a busy week working on this in the evenings. This week I plan to:

  1. Stop Man From Jumping Twice
  2. Monsters Moving back and forward randomly
  3. Battery Life Up (increasing power)
  4. Battery Life Down (losing Power)
  5. Change Background - This is a problem with me repeating the 3 backgrounds to make it look like the play is moving across the screen.
  6. Remove Sprites when off screen - When the sprites are not visible, the sprites can be removed. 
  7. Set Score On Game Over View Controller

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