IPhone Swift 3.0 Development Resources

I have attached as a much of the content that i have found while developing an IPhone game. Please feel free to leave comments and I will add further links the more that I progress developing a game.

Apple Api Documentation
 - I have referenced the SpriteKit api here, however all that is needed is on the Apple site. Sometimes it can be a little easier searching stackoverflow for answers before searching the api documentation.

Image Creation
Adobe Illustrator - useful for creating the sprites and scenes
Prepo - Useful for generating all your app icons in all the various size requirements that apple require. This can be found in the App Store.


https://www.raywenderlich.com/ - This will undoubtably be the most useful blog you will ever visit looking for Swift Resources.

These are the books that i found useful developing my own IPhone Game.

Swift 3
     Mastering Swift 3 - Jon Hoffman
     Swift Programming for absolute beginners - Arjan Egges

https://www.raywenderlich.com/89222/sprite-kit-animations-texture-atlases-swift - Great Tutorial on Animations in SpriteKit

Particle Systems

Physics Joints - for Complex physics objects. e.g. (crashing car causes wheel to fall off)

Level Creation


GameCenter / Leaderboards

- At some point you may want to create a leaderboard in your app. This helped me a lot, and was super easy. 

Last Updated (04-04-2017)

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