Game Testers

I managed to get some game testers for my game, 11 testers in fact.  Fortunately for me, I have quite a few people at hand that are able to test the game so I know the idea works well before promoting my app to production. While PhoneDash is very very far from being ready to be released, the aim of releasing a version to my friends was mainly to get some feedback on if the game is playable / boring. 

My nephews have provided some invaluable feedback, primarily that the game needs to be a little more difficult, i.e. limit the bullets and maybe have some diversity for the monsters and platforms. My son, who is 7 at this time liked the game a lot...but he said there was something that was lacking...he wanted to have some kind of levels or some factor that increased in difficulty over time (obstacles in other words).

This weekend, I won't be adding much to the game...maybe only limiting the number of bullets to a set amount which would force the player try to try to jump over the monsters. This is of course quite difficult given that the players velocity is fixed on the x axis and the monsters speed is rather random. :D

My plan was to try and create some form of obstacle, however I managed to buy some spiced rum today so in all likelyness...i'll be too merry to be bothered to try and make something this weekend. HAHA

IPhone Swift 3.0 Development Resources

I have attached as a much of the content that i have found while developing an IPhone game. Please feel free to leave comments and I will add further links the more that I progress developing a game.

Apple Api Documentation
 - I have referenced the SpriteKit api here, however all that is needed is on the Apple site. Sometimes it can be a little easier searching stackoverflow for answers before searching the api documentation.

Image Creation
Adobe Illustrator - useful for creating the sprites and scenes
Prepo - Useful for generating all your app icons in all the various size requirements that apple require. This can be found in the App Store.


Blogs - This will undoubtably be the most useful blog you will ever visit looking for Swift Resources.

These are the books that i found useful developing my own IPhone Game.

Swift 3
     Mastering Swift 3 - Jon Hoffman
     Swift Programming for absolute beginners - Arjan Egges

Tutorials - Great Tutorial on Animations in SpriteKit

Particle Systems

Physics Joints - for Complex physics objects. e.g. (crashing car causes wheel to fall off) 

Level Creation


GameCenter / Leaderboards

- At some point you may want to create a leaderboard in your app. This helped me a lot, and was super easy. 

Last Updated (04-04-2017)

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