PhoneDash downloads are increasing...strangely :)

I haven't had much development time lately with family holidays and working away. This week i took some time off in order to spend a little time with the family. Something took my interest this week that caused me to want to do more development on PhoneDash. I wanted to start smoothing the edges a little and make it more enjoyable to use. For some reason PhoneDash is being downloaded in China... 700 downloads this month. I am not sure why right now, as the number of downloads were not that much from April. Anyway long story short I have decided I wanted to make the background on the levels to have a little depth...maybe a parallax scroller background.

It's not too much effort, but i think It may make it look a little bit better.

I have never worked with Unity and thought I at some point in the future i would like to attempt to make a 3d game, generally just have something as a side project for some fun. I'll see how this plays out over the next few months :)



App Submitted

It's been a few weeks since I've updated the blog. Yesterday i submitted my app to iTunesConnect for their perusal. It was relatively painless, apart from having to create the screenshots for all devices. It's an exciting time, because i have never actually got to the point where i have created a mobile app that i would like to publish on the

Source Control
I merged my release branch into default, so that I can carry on adding more functionality. I've made a small list of things that I would like to add for the next release. I'm intending to do 6 week sprints - giving myself enough time to add new interesting things.

  • Fix Level Selector to allow paging
  • Pickup Coins for getting extra batteries
  • Coins fly from player position to corner
  • Show Score On Levels Screen
  • Pick up battery sound
  • Fire Sound
  • Settings Button
  • Switch Sounds Off
  • Switch Adds Off
  • weighted distribution (Monsters)
  • Add Batteries
  • After 10, can pickup head
  • Monsters Fire
  • Tick Next To Level
  • Lock Next to Level (if all levels before haven’t been completed)
  • Unlock Level With Coins
  • Using Game center for Leadboards?


  • Left Arrow Button (Level Selector)
  • Right Arrow Button (Level Selector)
  • Create Ramp
  • Create New Jaws Like Monster
  • Settings ButtonTick On Level when Level is completed
  • Lock on Level when Level is not Completed


Code Tidy Up

Reflection for Levels ->

I've found that one of the main things that stops me from being productive, is when I do not set a clear plan for an evening / week. I open up XCode or Photoshop - or even youtube and it seems as though I blink and the whole evening has gone. I try to create a list of things up front so that I can prioritise what i would like to work on. While such a simple task of prioritising things - I'm almost certain a lot of other people struggle with complex problems because they do not break them tasks down into small manageable tasks.


Game Testers

I managed to get some game testers for my game, 11 testers in fact.  Fortunately for me, I have quite a few people at hand that are able to test the game so I know the idea works well before promoting my app to production. While PhoneDash is very very far from being ready to be released, the aim of releasing a version to my friends was mainly to get some feedback on if the game is playable / boring. 

My nephews have provided some invaluable feedback, primarily that the game needs to be a little more difficult, i.e. limit the bullets and maybe have some diversity for the monsters and platforms. My son, who is 7 at this time liked the game a lot...but he said there was something that was lacking...he wanted to have some kind of levels or some factor that increased in difficulty over time (obstacles in other words).

This weekend, I won't be adding much to the game...maybe only limiting the number of bullets to a set amount which would force the player try to try to jump over the monsters. This is of course quite difficult given that the players velocity is fixed on the x axis and the monsters speed is rather random. :D

My plan was to try and create some form of obstacle, however I managed to buy some spiced rum today so in all likelyness...i'll be too merry to be bothered to try and make something this weekend. HAHA

Todays Work

I started today off with a pretty shitty morning, I ended up having to call a recovery firm to come and pick me and my car up to drop me to work because my car conked out on the way to work. This evening I am going to pick up a car rental.

Later on this evening I am planning on working on the following.

Pause Button Positioning 
Fire Button
Resume Button Sprite


  1. Resume Game When close
  2. Number Of plays
  3. Max Score

The statistics are something that will not be visible per se, but I would like to store the statistics of playing the game because I think I could use this at some point in the future.

While I would like to say that I am not taking this too seriously, I'm making a concerted effort to create something reasonably playable & enjoyable.  I'm not a professional game developer, just a casual developer trying to learn new things while working away from home. I am putting quite a lot of effort into creating something thats specific to what I would play & ultimately able to put on the App Store. :)

 I will ponder a little more of the requirements to put this on the App Store when it's complete.


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