IPhone Swift 3.0 Development Resources

I have attached as a much of the content that i have found while developing an IPhone game. Please feel free to leave comments and I will add further links.

Image Creation
Adobe Illustrator - useful for creating the sprints and scenes


https://www.raywenderlich.com/ - This will undoubtably be the most useful blog you will ever visit looking for Swift Resources.


Swift 3
Mastering Swift 3 - Jon Hoffman
Swift Programming for absolute beginners - Arjan Egges

About this Blog

Welcome to my Blog. I am K and this is my development blog. Over the years I have saw mobile development progress to the point where I finally decided it would be pretty cool to develop my own mobile game. 

I have almost no mobile development experience to date and certainly no IPhone Development experience. In the day I develop in .net and by night i am learning new things. 

I will try and document as much as possible, raw idea's to rough sketches that i have done. Over the next couple of months I'll document the resources of things that I have used to learn.